About us

We are Link Design, an award winning international design agency in Amsterdam (HQ) and Shanghai.

We help our clients to empower their businesses. Through research, strategy, concept development and design we help companies achieve their strategic goals.

We translate ambition into results.

The team

We are an international team of creative professionals.

We are passionate. About design. About typography. About ideas. But foremost about finding solutions. Our interdisciplinary attitude allows us to take a holistic approach to creativity and focus on finding the most effective, smart and engaging solutions.

Afke van den Tweel

Project management

Cherro Wang


Delyan Pragov


Eline Wieriks


Irma Chaigneau


Kim Lans

Creative director

Leonie de Kort


Marc de Roo

Creative inspirator, owner

Merijn Nauta


Sandra Ohm

Business inspirator

Vivian Premsela

Office essential


We’re proud to work with partners from a wide range of industries. Would you like to join our family?


Through the years our talented team has earned numerous prestigious awards as recognition for their high creative capabilities and design standards.