Stichting Kinderpostzegels 2018

Campaign and digital platforms

The mission of Kinderpostzegels is clear: to give children opportunities for a better future.

Children are bursting with energy, but are at the same time vulnerable. How beautiful would it be if every child can get the best out of themselves? That it does not matter in which situation, place or circumstances it grows up.

For children, by children, that is the motto of the Kinderpostzegels campaign. Every year thousands of children commit themselves so that other children get better. They go through the doors to sell stamps and other nice products.

Important within the communication is the activation process. The objective is to get as many schools as possible to participate in the program. Once the schools are in it’s important to stimulate the kids to promote and sell educational products. This year there will be a sales app with game elements. The app enables kids to sell via their phone while collecting badges.

In addition to the campaign, we redesigned all SKN digital platforms, starting with the corporate website, the kids portal, the school portal and the web shop. Each platform has it’s own target group and conversion goals, while remaining part of the SKN brand and digital ecology.

For the children who are selling products there is a mission to achieve the national score to help 400.000 children of more to a good home. To help and stimulate the sales, the children can collect badges and receive win-codes to unlock videos with tips. With the tips they can quess who the secret minister is and make chance to win a schooltrip to Duinrell.

View the story of Suzy and see what the help of Kinderpostzegels has meant for her.

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