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Visual identity

Ohm Advies is a new consultancy agency for growth and future-proofing companies that want to develop. Thanks to personal attention and a large network of ‘female’ specialists, Ohm Advies can advise in different ways within each company. Ohm Advies is positioned in a unique way by making sharp analyzes and counterbalances when needed.

The name Ohm Advies comes from resistance. Resistance during process creates new insights and makes change possible. Ohm Advies sees where they can resist the most efficiently in order to achieve the best result; Ohm Advies sees what is not there yet. This is their quality and therefore a guide in the design of their identity.

Seeing what is not there yet, means to show others what can be there.

Resistance is energy created by the vibrations between 2 objects. Energy is friction, which can arise with an all parallel surface. Developed from the moiré effect, a perfect circle has been created. A perfect circle has little to no friction, in the ideal world, this would be all you need. Ohm Advies is there to create, to help companies, to create their perfect future, therefore it needs a parallel surface for optimal friction.

This identity exudes professionalism, empowerment and femininity. We have carefully reflected these aspects in typography, form and colors. Old pink stands for classic femininity, blue reflects the corporate play field and yellow amplifies the empowerment. This results in a powerful and bright identity that stands out with all the business.

Do you have a challenge? We have the solution.

Just let us know if you need help and we will come back to you briefly.

Marc de Roo

+31(0) 20 670 06 00

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