Responsible Investment Report

How to develop an engaging multi-platform corporate social responsibility report?


The benchmark and editorial structure was set in the pdf version of the report, a 46 pages document of rotating texts, infographics and photography. The goal was to find a good balance between clarity of information and story-telling, so that the report is engaging and easy to read, while at the same time highly substantial and informative.


The approach for the web version of the report was to create ecology of the content so that information flows easily between social media channels, the report pages and the corporate website. In addition, our ambition was to allow each article to be generated as a separate pdf and in this way allow users to download only the information that is relevant for them.

Content modules

The purpose of the content modules was to create flexible infrastructure that houses very different types of information in a consistent and structured way. Here, colours are used to denote different types of content.


At the end, a summary booklet was also printed and distributed around all Redevco's offices. In addition to the report information, it also cointained city case studies, that reinforced the all the sustainability efforts described in the report.

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