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Visual identity and website

Assets Only is a secondment agency in the Risk & Compliance field, specialized in providing Anti Money Laundering professionals. Assets Only has a unique way of working: they connect specialists to ‘role models’ to help them understand the bigger picture of the AML industry. A focus on their qualities and offering the right perspective in the market, is key.

The logo symbolizes the ‘light’ on the inside of the characters A and O. This light path represents the focus on the qualities of Assets Only and their candidates.

This is the visualization of the minimal free space around the logo where no other graphic elements are aloud.

The graphic element is a visualization of a light beam. This light beam is always in motion and is therefore a dynamic element in the design.

High contrast black and white photography puts focus on the candidates and their qualities, without distraction. This style of photograpy in combination with the use of the graphic light beam elements creates a unique and recognizable style of Assets Only.

We translated these style elements into a website for Assets Only. The website is clear, minimal and shows the overall concept: the lightbeam to shine on talent.

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