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The Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis has the ambition to become the main economic research institute in the Netherlands. To support policy makers and politicians in their decisions, the CPB conducts scientific economic research consisting of analyses and estimates. Every year the CPB publishes four estimations on the development of the Dutch and global economy.

The most important two are the Central Economic Plan (CEP), published in spring, and the Macro Economic Outlook (MEV), which is published every year on Prinsjesdag. In June and December, the CPB publishes shorter, updated estimates.

Link Design was requested to redesign the look-and-feel of the reports. During this process we didn’t just look at the design but rather at the content structure around their online- and offline publication form.

Link Design managed to develop a flexible grid for the cover while keeping the design based on the guidelines of the Dutch government. We looked for a flexible jet recognisable visual style that can be translated into pdf publications, mailings, presentations and websites.

Our design fase delivered a style guide complete with digital assets. Based on these assets the IT department at the CPB could modulate the website.

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