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Eurofins is, with its network of more then 800 laboratories and 45.000 staff across 47 countries, one of the largest food, environment and pharmaceutical products testing companies in the world.

Driven by the desire for constant service improvement, Eurofins Food, Feed, Water (FFW) is shifting from being a pure data supplier to a knowledge partner in the food and water chains of its business. This required a new website that provides insight into each chain, offering an overview of all available services, segments and analysis.

The challenge

In recent years, the large scope of Eurofins FFW activity has led to a serious challenge: the disconnection between the different segments in the market they operate in. Many potential customers could not recognize the holistic process Eurofins FFW could offer them. It was essential that the company’s website, although being one of the main acquisition tools, could offer their various services all together in the same space. In addition, our work aimed at creating more transparency, improving user-friendliness, strengthen the feeling of professionalism, and creating a clear conversion funnel for turning leads into customers.

Interaction design

We started with an elaborate process of configuring a new information architecture, for which we reorganised the content of the website to reflect better the different segments of their work. Inventing new functionalities was also part of the process, such as easy to use/access inquiry forms, personal contacts of sales reps, and so on. All to facilitate the users' search for answers, making it a much faster and easier experience.

A chain of events

Link Design introduced the Chain Process Infographic. This cornerstone graphic visualised the complexity of Eurofins’ work and placed separate services in one place, showing them as part of the same process.

Whitepaper download

In order to encourage interaction with customers and establish Eurofins as a though leader, we created the whitepaper download section on the homepage, where Eurofins can publish some of their latest relevant research.

Design toolkit

As part of our deliverables, we prepared a comprehensive toolkit in which we defined the various elements of the website, such as: grid structure, typographic hierarchy and interactive elements. This toolkit help us to establish certain design principles that create consistency, while making sure the visual systems stay in place as the website develops in the years to come.

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