A picture is worth a thousand words…

...or how the power of infographics can help you communicate better with your customers.

Nowadays infographics are popular tools to visualize (complex) data. Our brain is better at recalling visual content than numbers or words. Ninety percent of the information we perceive is visual. We process images 60.000 times faster than text!

Good infographics use engaging visuals to communicate data quickly and clearly. Information is translated into a visual illustration that must help us understand the content and the context of the subject matter. How you form and structure this information is the key.

From empowering your brand awareness through sharing statistics to creating more memorable content, there are many ways to implement infographics into your business strategy. We selected five types of infographics that all have their own unique qualities to create impact.






1. Data Infographics

Data visualisation has the power of translating a complex set of numbers into an easy to understand communication tool. Examples of data infographics are graphs, charts, diagrams and timelines.

2. Interactive infographics

Interactive infographics are a great way for the user to interact with the information. It gives them control by only showing relevant information. This is a quality motionless graphics can’t offer. Since the information is presented to you over time it’s also easier to understand the order and logic.

3. Process visualisation

Whether you want to visualize your marketing strategy, on-boarding strategy, customer journey or workflow. Process infographics simplifies, summarizes and visualizes your process in a comprehensible way. It’s the perfect solution if you have a process that happens over time and you would like to elaborate each step.

4. Motion graphic

Motion graphics are moving displays in an animated style. It showcases graphical displays, figures, data or product descriptions. You can tailor precisely which information you want to be the focal point. Movement simply attracts more attention than static images. Especially in combination with a voice-over it’s an easy way to present complex data.

5. Video graphic

When you want to share facts about your brand with your audience in a specific setting, then a video infographic is the way to go. It has the unique ability to spark imagination and create memorable content. The key is a proper balance between video and illustrations to engage with your audience.

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