Online grocery app


Exploring the future of digital grocery shopping.

Our client was a platform that allows consumers to create a grocery shopping list and to compare the prices of favourite products between different supermarkets. In our collaboration with them we looked into the most user-friendly and intuitive way to do that, and also into creating a perception of reliability and transparency.

A matching look & feel

Part UX, part visual identity, our work started with trying to understand and establish a brand personality and build a visual language that we could use to communicate the brand values.

Coherent interface design

In addition to the “look & feel”, we approached designing the interface with the goal to create a consistent style of UI elements throughout the application.

Clear user flow

Based on research and UX workshops with the stakeholders, we mapped a clear user-flow and developed functionality that allows users to browse the app in a logical manner.

Component-based interface

Because of the complexity of the application and the variable data model, we developed a component-based system to cover all possible variations in the content and product options.

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