Professionals in the cleaning industry play a crucial role in these unprecedented times of the corona crisis. That’s why Ondernemersorganisatie Schoonmaak- en Bedrijfsdiensten (OSB, or the branch organisation of the cleaning industry) wanted to express its pride and appreciation of their work, as a way to support all professionals in the industry.

The objective of the assignment was to create a mass media campaign that send a powerful message to the general public in the Netherlands about just how important this branch is. The TV commercial itself reached over 6 million viewers and the hashtag #schoonmakersbedankt has been used over 500.000 times in just a few weeks.


One of the major points in the campaign was a personal “Thank you” message from Piet Adema, chairman of OSB, published in one of the most popular Dutch tabloids, De Telegraaf.

In that message, he encouraged the Dutch public to actively pay their respect to the cleaning industry.

Radio spot

In addition to the TV commercial, shown on NPO1, 2 and 3, we used another form of nationwide mass media, to reach as many people as possible. We recorded Mr. Adema’s message in the form of a short radio spot and aired it on the most popular Dutch radio stations: NPO1, NPO 2, Radio 5 and 3FM.

Social media

We created a social media and display bannering campaign with visuals and the hashtag. This way we encourage people to share their appreciation to thank all the professionals in the cleaning industry. The hashtag has been used more than 500.000 in just a few weeks!


To make the reach of the campaign as wide as possible, we created a number of display banners in many size variations, communicating the message of gratitude in short and conscious manner on some of the most popular platforms, such as nu.nl.

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