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Positioning & visual identity

Positioning Schoonmakend Nederland

OSB (the Dutch branch organization for the cleaning industry) represents about 300 employers. Recently, they positioned themselves industry-wide with their new name: Schoonmakend Nederland.

Link Design - Part of Bluefield contributed to the repositioning of this brand, the launch of the new name and developed their new (visual) identity.

Where it all began…

Our research department conducted an in-depth research among the image of the cleaning industry.

During the Corona-virus the added value of the industry was exposed to an other perspective. Together with OSB, we started to improve the image of the industry by launching several campaigns that showed the importance of the cleaning industry in order to re-open our country.

At the same time the managing board created a new strategy for the organization. They wanted to stand closer to their members and position themselves industry-wide. That’s when the repositioning and rebranding proces started.

Process timeline

Developing a strategy

In serveral co-creation sessions we’ve developed the new positioning for the brand and created a rebranding strategy, including the brand story and a new visual identity.

New name, new identity

The identity consists a new logo which symbolizes dynamics, speed, positivity and growth, but also stands for an organization with a solid fundament. Next to that, we’ve designed lots of stationary items, a magazine, signing and we have redesigned the app and website for instance.

Icons and illustrations

We’ve created a set of beautiful illustrations and icons to support the overall visual communication. For the icons we used a similar diagonal line to make it fit with its identity. This gives the identity an even more dynamic character and more possibilities to communicate a strong and clear message.

Brand portal

All the stationary items and identity assets can be downloaded or ordered at our own brand portal.

Magazine SCHOON.

SCHOON. is a modern and informative magazine about the Dutch cleaning industry, which has been sent to all members of Schoonmakend Nederland.

View magazine

Website and app

We’ve redesigned the website and app, to make sure all touchpoint are consistent and recognizable to Schoonmakend Nederland.

Next to that we increased the UX of the website, so it’s more easy to find the content a visitor is looking for.

‘Er is een nieuwe naam gekozen, die zegt wat we doen, wie we zijn en voor wie we staan. Helder en eenvoudig.’

Piet Adema
Chairman Schoonmakend Nederland

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