Schouten Bouw

Visual identity

For the past 80 years, Schouten Bouw has been building, renovating and maintaining residential real-estate in the Haaglanden region, with a lot of passion and love.

Their passion and craftsmanship are their biggest pride: even after years, a Schouten Bouw building still looks as good as when it was delivered. It's a matter of the highest quality. Having this perspective in mind, Link Design approached the re-design of their visual identity with the idea of communicating high-quality and timelessness. Link Design saw a design to stand the test of time, relevant to the ever changing environment, but with spark in the heart and human touch.

In addition to the visual style, the work aimed at framing a relevant tone of voice, friendly and informal, open and inviting, reflecting Schouten Bouw’s perpetual welcomeness and friendly attitude for their customers.

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